New study on the impact of climate change on groundwater in the western U.S.

Researchers at the University of Arizona have published a study in Geophysical Research Letters that uses climate models to examine the effect of climate change on groundwater recharge in the western United States.  The study projects changes for both the near future (to roughly the middle of the century) and the far future (roughly the end of the century).  Bottom Line:  Under most of the models used, groundwater recharge will increase in the northern Rockies and Plains regions, while it will decrease in the West and Southwest regions.

“The portions of the West that are already stretched in terms of water resources — Arizona, New Mexico, the High Plains of Texas, the southern Central Valley — for those places that are already having problems, climate change is going to tighten the screws,” Meixner said.

Gated version here.

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Mark Kanazawa

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